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A pretty and well-concealed lettuce sea slug in Jamaica

Neptune, in the Roman mythology is the god of the seas. The best we can say ... he did a magnificent work!

Since our first experience of snorkeling in Cayo Largo, Cuba, we have become addicted to the marine world. What beauty and diversity.

We prefer places where snorkeling is possible directly from the beach. This way, we can enjoy our favorite activity, whenever we feel to. No need to book excursions!

We have hundreds of snorkeling hours in many destinations, including some places where diving and apnea is THE important asset.

We find the underwater world so fascinating, colorful, with creatures sometimes unusual. Some species live in symbiosis such as isopods attached to a yellowtail damselfish or a blackbar soldierfish.

Others have perfected the art of camouflage to survive the predators or to better hunt their preys. Here are some examples ... A scorpionfish hidden, a cute baby-Trumpetfish well hidden or a peacock flounder, a master in camouflage blending into the colors of the environment. Others live in harmony like the clown wrass which acts as a dentist in cleaning the teeth of big fishes like Midnight Parrotfishes,

Others make us think about the human impact in this fragile environment like the lionfish in the Atlantic waters, which is not its native habitat. We saw the lionfishes in Holguin (Cuba), Roatan (Honduras) and recently in Jamaica. Many fishermen think this fish is the cause of the disappearance of many species of fish or crustacean.

There are so many species, it is quite difficult to identify fishes and corals. To help solving this problem, we bought several books on the web by Ned Deloach et Paul Humann, a wealth of interesting informations. An essential tool if you are passionate about the underwater world, like us!

Note that all photos and videos, contained in this site, were taken during snorkeling. We do not have photos in scuba diving. Those who think that there is only in scuba diving you may find beautiful specimens will be surprised!

Visit the Cameras section of our site to learn more about our digital cameras (formerly with housings). Be patient, try to stand still and take many shots. May be you will be lucky and have the perfect photos, like in the National Geographic magazine!

Remember that these creatures live in the sea and should never be exposed to the air and especially removed from their environments to end up in your luggage. Please, do not climb on corals to adjust your mask, fins or any other reasons. We have seen this ungracious gesture in Roatan in March 2010. Pretty scary!

  • ATTENTION! sunscreen lotion has a negative effect on corals. Must read!
  • A great antifog liquid for your mask.
  • Click HERE to see our best photos.
  • The presentation of our photos has changed in November 2009. They are now grouped into a photo albums, and therefore, easier to browse. Discover the new section Summary of all species. To learn more about our new underwater camera Olympus Tough TG-1.

    Hopefully, this site will give you an overview of this wonderful and fragile world. The snorkeling is an activity that requires a lot of patience if we want to fully appreciate the treasures of the sea.

    Enjoy your visit!

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